Exacontrol E7 C / Exacontrol E7 RC

Modulating temperature controller, wired (E7 C) or radio (E7 RC)

  • Adjustment of the heating water temperature according to the needs (improvement of the comfort)
  • Energy saving: we don't heat the water more than we need
  • Centralization of information (heating regulation, hot water, boiler control)
  • More than 7 adjustable time slots per day
  • Possibility of weather compensated control

Exacontrol are modulating temperature regulators. They make it possible to optimize the performance of the boiler and to achieve energy savings, while improving comfort for the customer.

Thus the temperature of the heating water is constantly adjusted to the needs to reduce heat losses and produce soft heat, adapted to the season.

The screen displays various data such as the ambient temperature, the current time slot. The information is given in clear: about ten languages ​​available.

The regulator therefore constitutes the customer's interface with the boiler.



ExacontrolUnitsE7 CE7 RC
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm97 x 146,5 x 35115 x 147 x 40
Insulation protection class IP20IP20
Compatibility All eBus boilersAll eBus boilers
Transmission of information WireRadio
Power By the boilerBattery
Programming ranges Daily / weeklyDaily / weekly
Outdoor sensor compatibility Yes, wiredYes, radio