Wireless / connected modulating thermostat

  • Modulating thermostat to control your boiler via Wi-Fi.
  • Possibility to connect multiple users to the same MiGo.
  • Heating programming and the production of sanitary hot water.
  • Modern design, attractive and intuitive operation, innovative and efficient display.
  • Graphs of consumption and behavior, and interaction via the Internet with the outside temperature.

Greater comfort

The new MiGo WiFi thermostat makes it possible to adjust the temperature and hot water of your home as accurately as possible. Just using your smartphone.

Even when you're not at home.

Even more savings for your account.

Because MiGo is designed exclusively for Saunier Duval boilers, it can save more energy than any other thermostat with an Internet connection.

MiGo is the first programmable and modulating thermostat with Internet connection for your Saunier Duval boiler.

Automatic adjustment according to outside temperature.

MiGo accesses information online about the temperature in your zone and in real time, so if the forecast is that it is colder or warmer, MiGo will anticipate and configure your boiler to always maintain the comfort temperature you indicate.

In addition to the Internet connection, MiGo is a modulating and programmable thermostat, which means that your boiler will only increase or decrease its power as needed, without starts or stops that make the boiler consume much more energy. With MiGo your Saunier Duval boiler will only consume the right amount of energy, and in addition the temperature will gradually adjust so that your comfort is greater.

Control your boiler even if you are not at home.

It doesn't make sense that your boiler is running, if you're not at home, why spend money and energy if you can program, turn it on or turn it off efficiently thanks to MiGo?

Wherever you want and when you want

Any unforeseen circumstances? Change the temperature. Or use one of several pre-configured MiGo App programs.

Operational history and consumption

The MiGo App has innovative features:

- Operational history: the temperature of your home and the phases of boiler activities are continuously recorded in the app, allowing daily, monthly and annual viewing, making the annual comparison.

- History of energy consumption: the consumption of electricity and gas of your boiler in its two modes of operation (heating and hot water) are continuously recorded in the app, also allowing a daily, monthly and annual display, making the annual comparison .