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Our History

The growth of a strong brand


Founding of Saunier Duval & Cie by Charles Saunier and Maurice Duval

1920 -1930

Core business area: the production of gas street laterns in France


Heating and hot water products are the focus of Saunier Duval brand


Highly modern services, sales and training throughout France

Since the late 1960ies

With the expansion to Western and Eastern Europe was born the first logo of Saunier Duval


A modern production plant is built in Nantes: one gas boiler every 37 seconds


10,000 employees successfully drive forward product development and international expansion

1983 - 1987

Production begins on the first generation of heat pumps, air/hot water pumps and solar reflectors


Production of air conditioning appliances begins

1997 - 2000

Successful launch of a new generation of gas boilers: Isofast, Isomax, Isosplit and Isosplit Condens


Introduction of the new heat pump generation Magna Air


Introduction of the new solar generation: Helioset and Helioconcept


Start of the production of new solar collectors in Nantes


Launch of the first ever hybrid system in France. The GeniaHybrid is compatible with all gas or oil boilers, whatever the brand.


New modern face and logo


The success of our ThemaPlus Condens makes us the market leaders in wall hung condensing boilers as well as non-condensing boilers in France


Foundation of Vaillant Group International GmbH with site in Remscheid, Germany, representing Saunier Duval brand in those markets where no separate Vaillant Group company is presented.


Launch of new generation of Genia Air heat pumps