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Gas wall hung boiler Thema Condens

The joy of saving!

  • Aquafast: Especially rapid heating to the desired temperature for more hot water comfort
  • No need to do anything if the gas quality fluctuates: the heating will adjust automatically
  • Superlative savings: energy efficiency class A thanks to cutting edge condensing technology

GeniaAir : Air- water heat pump of 5, 8, 11 or 15 kW

Monobloc heat pump

  • Monobloc heat pump. No handling of fluids.
  • Reversible for heating, DHW or air conditioning
  • Ease of installation

IsoTwin Condens

Condensing wall-hung boiler with integrated accumulation

  • Mixed boiler, quiet, compact and with dynamic accumulation
  • Power available 31 and 35 kW. Permanent combustion monitoring and control system.
  • Large domestic hot water production capacity

MicraCom Condens

Ultra-compact condensation combi boiler

  • Very compact dimensions and minimalist design. Touch screen and intuitive.
  • Natural gas versions, convertible to propane gas
  • Weather compensation possible

Thelia Condens F25, F30, AS F25

Condensation wall-hung boiler. Combi versions (heating and domestic hot water) (F25, F30) and system version (heating only) (AS F25)

  • Compact with only 30 cm depth
  • Silent: ideal for kitchen installation
  • Very high efficiency thanks to the aluminium-silicon heat exchanger (108.5%)

Themaclassic C25, F25

Traditional gas wall-hung boiler, chimney and room-sealed version

  • Sleek design to adapt to all homes
  • Clear and comprehensive interface
  • EBus boiler compatible with all modulating room thermostats from the Saunier Duval range

Themafast C30 - F30 - F35

Conventional gas wall hung boiler. Chimney version (C30) and room-sealed version (F 30, F 35)

  • EBus boiler compatible with all modulating room thermostats from the Saunier Duval range
  • A large backlit screen displaying all the heating and domestic hot water information.
  • Aquafast system for faster hot water

1 - 7 of 7 Results