IsoTwin Condens

Condensing wall-hung boiler with integrated accumulation

  • Mixed boiler, quiet, compact and with dynamic accumulation
  • Power available 31 and 35 kW. Permanent combustion monitoring and control system.
  • Large domestic hot water production capacity
  • Display, touch, conversion to propane made from the software.

Hot water and heating available instantly

The ideal solution for installations with great DHW needs. With a power of 31 or 35kW and its two 21 litre tanks ensure a stable and continuous supply of hot water.

Combustion Monitoring - Adaptability and Efficiency

Another striking feature is the new combustion system that performs permanent supervision of the same, the FlameFit system, which makes combustion as optimized as possible in case of changes in gas supply, which translates into safety and economy.

The boiler regulates its power from the lowest to the highest demands, always consuming only the necessary energy, avoiding the "stop-start".

Conversion to propane? Through the interface!

With the FlameFit system, not only will combustion be optimised, but the boiler is adapted to the type of gas (natural or propane) will be carried out quickly and automatically. This self-adaptive combustion system automatically detects gas types and balances fluctuations in supply. The new integrated ionization control constantly monitors the flame. This allows continuous optimization of combustion quality, adapting the gas-air ratio. In this way you can invest in equipment naturally prepared for a smooth transition to natural gas in the coming years.

Emergency operating mode

It is triggered when there is an anomaly and there is no risk to the operation of the equipment or to users, allows not to be completely without service offering the possibility to request support.

New touch display for easier installation

With a more intuitive and interactive touch display, boiler parameterization for the end customer's consumption profile will become faster and simpler.

And with the possibility of creating schedules for the heating system, the economy and comfort are even greater!

ISODYN2 system - excellence in hot water

Exclusive Saunier Duval, the ISODYN2 system is a dynamic accumulator heating system that, by associating the advantages of instantA production with hot water stratification and the benefits of a highly efficient plate exchanger, allows an immediate production of hot water in the accumulator, in a maximum period of 5 minutes.

More savings

With the "one box" concept, all components are integrated into the boiler.

In turn, better insulation allows the boiler to not only present reduced noise, but also reduce its stand-by losses.

Surely you will notice the energy saving!

More security

The Isotwin Condens also features two built-in expansion vessels, for heating and DHW, both produced with a material that increases its longevity.



UnitsIsoTwin Condens
T 31-CS/1
IsoTwin Condens
T 35-CS/1
Energy efficiency   
Heating (A+++ -D AA
Domestic hot water (A+ -F) AA
Heating output at 50/30 °CkW3.8 to 27,63.8 to 32.5
Expansion vessel volumeL1212
Domestic hot water   
DHW temperature°C45 to 6545 to 65
Specific flow rate (DT30K - according to EN13203)L/min2123
Dimensions (H x l x P)mm892 x 470 x 582892 x 470 x 582
Weight (empty)kg6567