MicraCom Condens

Ultra-compact condensation combi boiler

  • Very compact dimensions and minimalist design. Touch screen and intuitive.
  • Natural gas versions, convertible to propane gas
  • Weather compensation possible

The essential of comfort

The device is necessary to provide essential comfort in hot water and heating.

Space saving

The ultra-compact ecoTEC intro (626 x 400 x 270 mm) is the ideal combi boiler for apartments that need to meet basic heating and hot water needs but have limited space for installation.

A simplicity that surprises!

The new touchscreen, very simple, allows quick and easy handling with direct access to the most common regulation and programming functions.

Versatile and intelligent, it adapts to the outdoor temperature, installing an eBus thermostat or outdoor sensor, from an external connection at the bottom of the device, avoiding extra work and opening the boiler for its connection.

Always powered by natural gas or propane (requires a conversion) it is the ideal boiler for all needs!

High technology

Developed on the basis of proven condensation technology, it features a robust, reliable and durable stainless steel heat exchanger, as well as a high-efficiency circulation pump, offering excellent performance and high efficiency, energy label A, for heating and water.



UnitsMicraCom Condens 24-AS/1MicraCom Condens 28-AS/1
Heating output at 50/30 °CkW6,6 to 207,7 to 25,9
Heating flow temperature°C30 to 7530 to 75
Expansion vessel volumeL88
Domestic Hot Water   
DHW temperature°C35 to 5535 to 55
Specific flow rate (DT30K - according to EN13203)L/min11,513,4
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm626 x 400 x 270626 x 400 x 270
Weight (empty)kg25,626,5
Energy efficiency   
Heating (A+++ -D) AA
Domestic hot water (A+ -F) AA