Thelia Condens F25, F30, AS F25

Condensation wall-hung boiler. Combi versions (heating and domestic hot water) (F25, F30) and system version (heating only) (AS F25)

  • Compact with only 30 cm depth
  • Silent: ideal for kitchen installation
  • Very high efficiency thanks to the aluminium-silicon heat exchanger (108.5%)
  • New design: smart and discreet
  • Easy access for maintenance

Thelia Condens F25 - F30 AS F25 : condensation wall-hung boiler

The Thelia Condens is a very compact condensation gas boiler with a depth of 30 cm. It can be integrated anywhere (living rooms or ancillary pieces) because of its dimensions, its sleek and discreet design, its remarkably low acoustic level.

This device has been designed to meet the needs of modern energy saving: both gas consumption and electricity consumption have been optimized. Heat loss was reduced by wrapping all components inside the device envelope (this is the "One-box" concept). Electrical equipments were chosen for their performance such as the high-efficiency modulating pump.

Comfort for heating and hot water is also a key point for our brand. The boiler can adapt to any type of installation and needs thanks to its configurable menus, its Aquafast function for hot water very quickly.

The heat exchanger, made of aluminum-silicon, allows for a very high level of efficiency while occupying a limited space. It cleans with a simple spray of water.

Accessibility has been neat: all components are accessible through the front façade.



UnitsThelia Condens F 25Thelia Condens F 30Thelia Condens AS F 25
Heating output at 80/60°CkW5 to 18,1 6 to 256 to 25
Heating flow temperature°C20 to 8020 to 8020 to 80
Expansion vessel volumeL888
Domestic Hot Water    
DHW temperature°C35 to 6035 to 6035 to 60
Specific flow rate (DT30K according to EN13203)L/min12,114,5 
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm740 x 418 x 300740 x 418 x 300740 x 418 x 300
Weight (empty)kg31,632,331,6
Energy efficiency    
Class of efficiency in heating AAA
Class of efficiency in DHW AA